A Postmodernism Essay: Getting It Done

A Postmodernism Essay: Getting It Done
A Postmodernism Essay: Getting It Done
So, you are about to start writing an essay on postmodernism and you do not know how to cope with this assignment. It is obvious, because why else would you search for help? Do not worry, this is a hard task for quite a lot of students, since not many of them know much about postmodernism.
So, we have the following question: how should we write postmodernism essays knowing nothing about the topic?

Postmodernism essays: obtaining necessary knowledge

There is a difference between knowing something and having an idea about something. Before you start writing your essay on postmodernism, you should have some basic vision of this movement.

There are two ways to get it and make sure you use both.
1. The first way is theoretical, through comparison with modernism. The best way to get the gist of postmodernism is to understand which of modernism concepts are rejected in its successor movement. What is the beginning of the postmodernism era? What are its basic concepts? Try to find answers to these questions while working on your postmodernism essay.
2. The second way is practical: gather information about prominent figures. Read about Kurt Vonnegut, Andy Warhol, Robert Venturi, Orhan Pamuk. Familiarize yourself with their creative work.

Postmodernism essays: writing tips

- If you are not into philosophy, try to narrow the topic of your postmodernism essay up to literature, or painting, or music of that period.
- Explain the essentials of modernism. You do not have to be specific: after all, your topic is postmodernism.
- Describe the basic concepts of postmodernism: deconstruction, reality and hyperreality, change and difference, the self.
- Make sure your postmodernism essay tells about prominent personalities. Write about those who defined the movement (Jean-Francois Lyotard, Jacques Derrida) and those who developed it (Kurth Vonnegut, Terry Riley).
- Mention major events in your postmodernism essay (the Turner Prize, for example).

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