Critical Incident Essays: Analyzing Significant Experiences

Critical Incident Essays: Analyzing Significant Experiences
Critical Incident Essays: Analyzing Significant Experiences
To some extent, a critical incident essay is very similar to a reflective paper. Thus, if you have experience in preparing this kind of papers, your critical incident essay will not cause you too much trouble.

Anyway, no matter whether you have necessary writing experience or no, we are sure you need explanations and tips for preparing critical incident essays. Let us not waste your time and get down to work.

The gist of critical incident essays

A critical incident will serve as a basis for your essay, which is why it is called so. What is a critical incident? It is not necessarily some kind of extraordinary or dramatic event as one may think. A critical incident may refer to an event or experience (better from your academic life) that is of great importance to you and your further studies.

These are some examples of incidents that your critical incident essay can be based on:
1. complicated projects that you had to deal with, successful projects;
2. some work that significantly improved your understanding or awareness of something;
3. some sort of conflict or hostile situation in the academic setting, etc.

How to analyze a critical incident

When writing the critical incident essay, your major task boils down to analyzing the chosen event. You need to understand why this situation took place, why it finished in a certain way, how you could act differently, etc.

How to write critical incident essays

A good critical incident essay should include the following components.
- context of the event;
- description of the incident itself;
- explanations of why it is important to you;
- description of your feelings, concerns about the incident;
- explanations of possible effects of this experience.

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