Essays on Values: Are our Values Endangered?

Essays on Values: Are our Values Endangered?
Essays on Values: Are our Values Endangered?
At first, you thought that writing an essay on values would be pretty easy. Yet, when it came to selecting a specific idea for discussion, you realized that everything is not that simple.

You wanted to write a family values essay or an essay about your own values. Well, it is not a bad idea. But will this essay on values be really captivating? All normal people have almost the same values, and those values are mostly gained within families. Most probably, the rest of your peers will write essays on values from this perspective.

Then, what a good essay on values should be about? Let us see. What about investigating the value systems of people in other countries and comparing them to what people have in the U.S.? Then, based on your analysis and conclusions, you may evaluate the overall level of morality in your and some other country. We suppose a teacher will appreciate such essay on values.

Another way to complete essays on values is to focus solely on American values. Many people believe that American values are in danger, that they transform and even disappear. What do you think about this? Are you concerned about such situation or do you think everything is all right?

If you want to answer these questions in your essay on values, let us present you a possible plan for writing.

1. Start your essay on values with a description of the traditional American system of values. Is it the same as, say, 50 years ago?
2. Tell what you think about present day values in America. Who or what shapes modern values? Do you agree there is a moral decline in the U.S.?
3. If you believe something is wrong with the American system of values, give your suggestions as to measures that should be taken to improve the situation.

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