Controversial Essay Topics

Guidelines To Tackle Controversial Essay Topics
Controversial essay topics are exactly what the title suggests, hotly disputed and talked about issues that affect a large number of people. Topics that provoke people into takes sides on an issue can attract many readers. It is usually very easy to recognize controversial issues. Most of them are already known to people, but they do not wish to discuss about it for the very simple reason that it would result in controversy. These topics provide essay writers a great opportunity to test their communication and research skills. Readers would have already made up their minds about a controversial issue, but curiosity would make them read through the essay to gain insight into what other people might have to say about it. To make them change their viewpoint, writers need to have great convincing powers and should have attained a high level of copywriting skills.
Writers have very little guesswork to do while actually choosing a controversial essay topic. Most issues would be based on current affairs and a buzz would already have been generated about it in the newspapers or in nearby localities. For example, a gay marriage would be a highly debatable issue in a conservative society, even if it were considered legal by the judiciary. Members of a society may find it difficult to accept such marriages. A controversy is thus created where people take sides. Writers are obliged to take a moral stand on such issues and write with conviction about what they feel about it. If they are able to feel the pulse of a large section of interested readers and are able to justify the same viewpoint, they would find many more avid readers interested in their essay.
Highly experienced writers are considered an authority on certain topics. They would have a better chance of getting through to readers on controversial issues. Their previous efforts would have been greatly appreciated, and they would have developed a very loyal and interested audience. Authority writers have vast experience on several sub topics focused on their area of expertise. Their previous work need not be written on controversial topics. When they do attempt them, however, people tend to their opinion very seriously. The same approach need to be taken by students. They need to practice writing on several different topics before attempting a controversial issue. They might not get the same response as an experienced writer would, but the built-up confidence would reflect in their essays.
Referring to controversial essay topic samples would be a good place to start. Begin by reading about issues that concern students. Writers would be able to identify with the problems associated with them much better. Some topics have been listed below for better understanding.
• Smoking Should Be Banned In Schools
• Domestic Violence And Its Ill Effects
• Teenage Pregnancy
• Gambling Should Be Banned
• Sports Should Be Made Compulsory In Schools
Though these topics are controversial, students must opt to write on current issues. It could be a discussion on the effects of controversial essay topics already discussed in the past. The purpose is to present a balanced and well-researched essay.
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