“Speak” Essays: Do You Recognize Someone in the Novel?

“Speak” Essays: Do You Recognize Someone in the Novel?
“Speak” Essays: Do You Recognize Someone in the Novel?
“Speak” is an amazing novel of the American writer Laurie Halse Anderson, who writes for children and young adults.

Even if you did not have to prepare a “Speak” essay, we still would recommend you read this novel. This novel tells a story that can happen to any teenager and, unfortunately, happens to thousands of girls in high schools. This novel tells about problems that might be close to you as well.

We are not going to retell the plot right now. Read those 67 pages and write your “Speak” essay. Yet, we are glad to provide some hints for writing excellent “Speak” essays.

Things you can do before writing your “Speak” essay

Hope that you have never seen problems described in the novel face to face. Still, if you want to prepare an outstanding “Speak” essay, better learn more about them.

Thus, you can do the following before writing “Speak” essays:
- learn more about teen violence in schools;
- find out what sexual harassment is all about;
- research the issue of date rape.

The main theme to touch upon in “Speak” essays

The main theme depicted in the novel is teenage alienation, and you can speak about it in your “Speak” essay. Very often, teenagers seclude themselves from parents, peers, and teacher, and are left face to face with their problems.

Specific questions to answer in “Speak” essays

Read the novel carefully and answer one of the following questions in your “Speak” essay:
Why did not Melinda’s best friend support her after a terrible incident? What would you do if you were Melinda’s friend?
Why Melinda’s parents are so indifferent to what is going on with their daughter?
What is the role of Mr. Freeman and his art project?

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