Essays on Harry Potter: Coming Up with “Magic” Ideas

Essays on Harry Potter: Coming Up with “Magic” Ideas
Essays on Harry Potter: Coming Up with “Magic” Ideas
After the book was first released, Harry Potter turned into the most famous literature character, an international phenomenon, a popular Halloween costume, and J.K. Rowling – the most highly paid writer, who is richer than the Queen of England.

We are sure that working on Harry Potter essays will be an exciting experience for any student, although you definitely may face some challenges.

Do not worry about that, since we are here to help you prepare your essay on Harry Potter.

We suppose you want to create something more thrilling than a typical essay about a book. So, the following format will not suit your essay on Harry Potter:
- Introduction, where you briefly present the book, its author, etc.
- Body paragraphs, where you tell about the main characters, plot, main themes, etc.
- Conclusion, where you summarize the main points.

Hardly will your teacher pay much attention to such essay on Harry Potter. What you need is a captivating theme, your fresh ideas, and your own vision of Harry Potter. This will make an outstanding paper on Harry Potter.

Now, you have to choose one of the books that your essay on Harry Potter will be based on. Or, if you like all of them, find a theme that is depicted in all 7 books.

Now, let us present topic ideas you can cover in Harry Potter essays.

Drawing parallels

Do you see something in common between the events from the books and things that happen in real life? For instance, can you think of some historical events that are similar to those described in books? Write about them in your Harry Potter essay.

Deciphering names

All characters in the books have rather strange names. Try to interpret them and present your ideas in the essay on Harry Potter.

Discussing contrasts

In your essay on Harry Potter, touch upon contrasting themes depicted in books, e.g. good vs. evil, life vs. death, etc.

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