Primary Research Paper Writing

Primary Research Paper Writing
Primary Research Paper Writing
In this article, we are going to tell you about the structure of primary research papers. We will list all standard primary research paper parts. Moreover, you will find out more about the content your paper should include. Info we present in our article will help you prepare your primary research paper.

The primary research paper has to have the following structure in order to win the high-level feedbacks:

Title page
It should include the following components: a title, the author’s name, the name of the discipline, the name of the advisor, and the date of submission.

This part does not bare that much importance.

Express the author’s attitude and interest in the topic.

Literature review
In this part of your primary research paper, mention such facts as topics and results of prior research, development of research on the topic, and perspectives as to future investigations.

Contains the results of the previously made discoveries, direction for future researches, and, if the author considers it to be necessary, his or her attitude to the topic.

As you may see, the structure of the primary research paper is much simpler than the structure of any other research paper. However, to write a good primary research paper is sometimes much more difficult than to write any other kind of paper. So, use our tips, rally your thoughts, and start creating a masterpiece!

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