Essays on Controversial Issues: Approaches to Writing

Essays on Controversial Issues: Approaches to Writing
Essays on Controversial Issues: Approaches to Writing
Do you know the main reason why students find writing papers on controversial issues challenging? Actually, those controversial issues are the main reason.

In other words, controversial issues can be defined as topics, problems that people feel strongly about. This means that persuading people to change their mind or simply insisting on your position is rather tricky.

In this article, we want to answer some of your questions about essays on controversial issues.
What topics are suitable for controversial issue essays?

In a few words, any topic that provokes different opinions and feelings in people, hot debates can be referred to as controversial. The main negative aspect that you will face is that almost all controversial issues are overused and frequently discussed. This is why you should try to choose a bit different perspective or approach to writing your controversial issue essay.

We offer a couple of controversial topics for essays:
- Cloning;
- Gay marriage or adoption by same sex couples;
- Gun control, national security, racial profiling;
- Media violence, etc.

What is the main key to a successful essay on controversial issues?

You should always research the chosen issue, even if you think you are enough familiar with it. The more reputable sources you will analyze, the more exclusive information you will find, the higher your chances to persuade the reader will be.

What are some good ways to prepare essays on controversial issues?

Basically, there are two ways to write controversial issue essays.
1. You may take a neutral position on the problem, discuss its various aspects, introduce facts and opinions.
2. You can develop your own position on the matter and try to convince the reader of your standpoint.

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