PEP Coursework

PEP Coursework
PEP Coursework
What is PEP?

PEP stands for a personal exercise plan. It allows you to work out your own training plan. The purpose of PEP is to check your theoretical and practical knowledge on advanced physical science.
How should you do your PEP research?

Pep coursework writing begins with doing PEP research. The purposes of PEP research are the following:
- To find out what the principles of physical training are.
- To select the types of training.
- To define which facilities you need for implementing an effective PEP.
- To work out a good PEP.

How should you write your PEP coursework?

First of all you should make up an outline of your PEP coursework. It has to describe your future paper in details. Define the parts of your coursework. They can be the following:
- Title page (should contain your name and title).
- Abstract (summary of your coursework).
- Introduction (should present the PEP’s topic).
- Body (should present the theory, which served the basis of your PEP).
- Conclusion.

To make your PEP coursework more informative, you should subdivide its parts into sections. Each section will describe some particular point of your research.

Though, outline and draft writing is secondary, we still advise to do those two, as they are very helpful. You will feel its utility while writing your coursework.

Several tips on writing the PEP coursework
- Use active voice and present tense in your PEP coursework;
- Use formal but simple language;
- Provide evidences to all the results;
- You may add some appendices to illustrate your PEP research;
- Do not forget to revise and edit your coursework after you are done with it.

To improve your coursework’s quality, you should consult your teacher who can give you other helpful tips on PEP coursework writing.
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