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An essay on my school is an exercise that most students would be able to write easily. It is a popular topic among junior students who can be very imaginative at times. The essay can be written more from observation than the ability to research. The art of writing blended with memory power and liking for the subject are essential elements to produce a good essay. Children studying in junior school have very little experience in writing. These are their formative years where they learn more from being at a particular location. The school they attend would be the most visited place in their daily schedule. Most children love being in school after the initial resistance of being exposed to a new environment. The feelings they have about their school can be very easily transferred into text in the form of an essay.
The purpose of an essay-writing assignment like “essay on my school” is to allow students to write on a topic they would be familiar with. They would be very willing to understand how their school functions in offering them knowledge. The color of the school and where it is located would be observed. They would note the distance they have to travel every day to reach school. Each building within the campus would be a place to explore in due course. Students would already have a definite view on the subject. They would have already decided which teacher they liked and which they didn’t. The principal would probably have the most influence on them with his or her daily broadcast through the microphone. All the observations made can be elaborated in the written format through an essay.
Normally, teachers start off by asking students to write a school essay, which later extends into writing about their first school picnic, their teachers, favorite sport or subject. These are topics which students experience firsthand. It therefore becomes easier for them to write about such topics. They are taught to consider essay writing as a medium for freedom of expression. They would happily write volumes of content about any of these topics. The habit of writing ensures they get the opportunity to hone their unique skills and develop a style of their own.
Students have several assignments to complete in school and at home as part of the curriculum. Essay writing is just one of those assignments. On any given day, they would have homework to complete on several subjects. These could include written assignments. Each assignment would offer a chance to practice honing their writing skills. Students would therefore get ample time to improve on their skills. For example, students writing an “essay on my school” at the end of the term would be in a position to write better essays than one at the start. This is because students get ample time to gain more practical experience. They would get used to writing more and better. A major advantage is that teachers would be at hand to help them improve their skills with the help of essay examples and feedback.
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