How to Get an A+ on George Washington Essays

How to Get an A+ on George Washington Essays
How to Get an A+ on George Washington Essays
“First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.” This is what Henry Lee said on the funeral of George Washington. Yes, he was the first American president, but he also was an outstanding leader who found the country we are living in and that we are so proud of.

Getting an A+ on your George Washington essay will not be easy. By the way, do you have a plan for writing your paper on George Washington? Are you going to introduce something like:
- Early years of George Washington;
- His way to presidency;
- Washington’s domestic and foreign policy;
- Farewell Address, retirement, and death.

We have to say that it is a standard way of completing George Washington essays. Such paper on George Washington will be rather informative but quite ordinary and maybe even boring.

You certainly agree that this person deserves something more. Thus, we suggest you write your George Washington essay in the following way.

Imagine that you have a chance to talk to George Washington. Or, if you are ambitious enough, imagine that you are George Washington. Answer the next questions in your George Washington essay:
- Why did you decide not to participate in the election campaign for the third term as a President?
- What do you think are your most important contributions to the creation of the new national government?
- What do you think are the major problems our country faces?
- Give your advice on the future goals of our country.

Such way of writing George Washington essays is rather original. Sure, you can make up your own questions for the essay on George Washington. This will depend on your knowledge and interests.

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