Things You Should Know about Debate Essays

Things You Should Know about Debate Essays
Things You Should Know about Debate Essays
If you have to write a debate essay for the first time, you might face certain troubles. Some students just do not get what exactly they need to do. Are debate essays about giving arguments? Or, do you have to persuade somebody?

If you are looking for the answers, this article will be a good guide on how to write a debate essay.

First, you need to sort out what a debate or debating means. So, how can you define it? In a few words, a debate can be defined as a form of interaction, when people are sharing opinions and arguments that support them. By the way, it is a general idea of what a debate essay is about.

Anyway, here are more details for you.

What is a debate essay?

Debate essays, in other words, can be interpreted as your response to a certain point of view.
What topic should be covered in a debate essay?

Usually, controversial issues serve as debate essay topics. Such issues make people argue and share different opinions. Fortunately, these days there are a lot of issues to argue about.

Here are some possible ideas for your debate essay:
- Is it ok to damp our garbage on other planets in order to prevent pollution?
- Do laws that prohibit abortions inhibit women’s right to choose?
- Should the driving age be increased/decreased?
- Which policy is better: isolationism or involvement into warfare?

What are some positive aspects of writing debate essays?

One of the biggest advantages of this kind of work is that a teacher will provide you with necessary materials, articles, etc. You just need to study them carefully, define the main points of view related to the topic, and jot down all pros and cons of the arguments that support each opinion.

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