Interesting Ideas for Essays on Color

Interesting Ideas for Essays on Color
Interesting Ideas for Essays on Color
Did you know that a human eye can detect 10 million colors? How does this happen? Why is a man the only being capable of detecting so many colors? Why cannot animals do it? You have a perfect chance to find answers to these questions when preparing your essay on color.

Do you need fresh and catchy ideas to consider in essays on color? Then, look through our suggestions for essays on color.

Write a colour theory essay

Writing a colour theory essay means discussing colour mixing and the visual impact of colour combinations. In your essay on colour, say that the “colour theory” was first discovered in the 18th century. Definitely, you have to mention about Isaac Newton in your colours essay. What colours did Newton call “primary colour”? Tell about them in your colour theory essay.

Write an essay on “The Color Purple”

What do you know about the title of the novel “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker? What might this color symbolize? Essays on “The Color Purple” may give an answer to this question.

Write about achromatic colors and their use in pop culture

Grey and its shades are the combination of black and white color. These colors are also known as the neutral ones. Over the recent years, these colors are widely used in popular culture. So, you can present in your color essay the spheres where neutral colors are used (e.g. design).

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