Thesis Ideas: Where to Find Them

Thesis Ideas: Where to Find Them
Thesis Ideas: Where to Find Them
Well, you have recently made one of the most important steps in your student life – you signed up for writing a thesis.

Now, you have to make another important decision – choose the right topic. What you need is a good thesis idea.

Of course, you cannot just sit in front of your computer waiting for thesis ideas to come. You need to carry out a little investigation.

To do this, you should know the places where you can find catchy thesis ideas. So, the following tips may help you:
- Look through the recent scientific publications
You may look through scientific journals, research papers, books, Web articles, etc. Perhaps, some issue was only touched upon but not disclosed by researchers. These issues can help you get thesis ideas.
- Watch TV programs, movies, documentaries
If you have to write a thesis in History, watch the History Channel. If your thesis is about politics, watch news, archive documentaries, etc. This will help you get thesis ideas as well as keep track of all the changes, events, etc.
Remember the book that impressed you most of all
- Well, you have to write a thesis in Psychology and you once read Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”. Great! You can find many thesis ideas in this book. Just scan it through once again and find the issues that impressed you most of all. One of these issues can be a good thesis idea and the main subject of your project.
- Remember the report that you defended successfully
Did you prepare a brilliant report on George Washington for your History class? Then, why not investigate this subject thoroughly in your thesis?

Remember, thesis ideas cannot come from nowhere, while you hang out with your friends or walk down the street. You need to search if you want to find thesis ideas.

After you get a thesis idea, you will need to start your research and the writing process itself. Follow our tips for writing a thesis introduction and thesis abstract.
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