Essay Steps

Essay steps are standard methods and quite easy to implement. It does require a bit of practice and effort to get on the right track. Once a writer has mastered the art of implementing guidelines, writing an essay on any topic becomes quite easy. Students would have learned the basics quite early in school. They would have written personal essays or “Essay on My School.” These are common topics, which are the building blocks of developing essay-writing skills. Students have to pick up some essential habits and basic skills which could be applied to any area of writing. Some guidelines have been mentioned below which would help in starting off on the right track.
• Essays should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction would form the most important part of essay writing. It contains the thesis statement or the main idea to be conveyed to readers. To get more readers interested, writers would have to come up with compelling essays. This is not as difficult as it looks. One has to think of the most important reason for writing the essay and include it in the thesis statement. The main criterion is that readers should get an idea of what exactly is being conveyed in the essay. It should be effective in generating interest. For example, the thesis statement for a soccer event in school could be stated as, “The Xth Annual Soccer Tournament would be held on…” This is an informative statement that is written in a matter-of-fact manner. Now if the statement were to be written as, “Ten glorious years of soccer history would be celebrated in grand fashion at the annual soccer tournament to be held on…” The latter statement is likely to generate more interest among readers.
• The body of the essay should elaborate on the thesis statement. Writers should take care not to deviate from it, as readers would be disoriented and would lose interest. The ideal way to include content in the body of the essay would be to think of sub topics that would be offshoots of the main topic or thesis statement. The essay steps should ensure that each point is logically included and connects with the main idea. They should be arranged in the order of importance. Research would allow writers to include recent and relevant information. This is important, as readers would like to be informed of the latest developments in any field.
• A research paper would generally be lengthy and is likely to include precise information on topics that would appeal to a certain audience. In general, other students, assessors, or researchers would be interested. Such a lengthy paper would have to be drafted very carefully so that it does not lose touch with the thesis statement. The conclusion would be such that the entire summary of what was said earlier in the essay is clearly reiterated at this juncture. Readers should be able to relate to each and every point made earlier in it. The essay steps should connect with readers at every point.
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