Getting Ready to Write TOEFL Essays

Getting Ready to Write TOEFL Essays
Getting Ready to Write TOEFL Essays
Do you know that you may get from 1 to 6 scores on the TOEFL essay? If you get 1, it means that you are incompetent in writing (in English). If you get 6, your writing skills and knowledge of English are excellent. Usually, average students get 3-4 scores on their TOEFL essays, and such result is not bad indeed.

However, it is not that easy to score these grades on TOEFL essays. That is why several reliable tips on how to succeed in taking the TOEFL essay test will be up to the point. You can also try to find a couple of free TOEFL model essays, which will serve you as an example of a successful paper.

By the way, keep in mind the following: do not expect to find reliable examples if you are looking for TOEFEL essays. The only correct spelling is TOEFL.

Now, let us present you more details about TOEFL practice essays.

TOEFL essay topics

Topics for essays vary, and nobody can predict which one you will be asked to disclose. Besides, you cannot choose a subject for discussion. Thus, to show you how essay topics for TOEFL might sound, look through the following examples:
- Today, cooking is quick and easy. In what way did it change or improve people’s lives?
- There is one significant thing that you could change about your hometown. What would it be?
- Do movies and television have an impact on people’s behavior?
- What place would you like to live in: a big city or small town;

TOEFL essays: general instructions for writing
- Read your task several times. Make sure you understand it.
- Keep to the common structure (introduction, body, and conclusion).
- Vary the length and structure of your TOEFL essays. Make sure you have passive, conditional, question, complex sentences.
- Do not use contractions and do not begin sentences with “because”, “and”, “but”.

We do not know what topic you will have to cover. However, you can read our tips for writing an environmental essay or essays about global warming.
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