How to Succeed in Writing Essays on Beliefs

How to Succeed in Writing Essays on Beliefs
How to Succeed in Writing Essays on Beliefs
It seems that our life is all about beliefs. Even if a person says he/she does not believe in something, it remains his/her personal belief anyway.

People believe or do not believe in God, justice, friendship, or love…There are thousands of other things that can be called our beliefs.

So, what are your beliefs? What is your overall attitude towards beliefs? Do you think it is something that helps people live? Do beliefs simply embody some sort of restrictions?

Introducing your standpoint on the matter is one of the possible ways to write an essay on beliefs. Here are a few questions that you can answer in your beliefs essay:
- What are your particular beliefs?
- Why are they important to you?
- Why do you consider them to be right?
- How did you come up to your beliefs?

If you want to create a perfect essay on beliefs, try to understand what your tutor expects to see in this work. Does he/she want to learn more about you, judging by your beliefs? Are there some other reasons for assigning a beliefs essay?

If you think that your tutor is not actually interested in your personality, there is another way to complete the beliefs essay. You just need to cover a specific topic in your essay on beliefs. Here are several examples for you:

Beliefs in Ancient Egypt: the power of the dead

It is a really fascinating topic to discuss in beliefs essays. Ancient Egyptians strongly believed in the deceased and their power. In your beliefs essay, describe their belief in afterlife, immortality, etc.

Comparison of several beliefs

It is a good way to impress your tutor with the beliefs essay. If you compare, for instance, Mesopotamian and Egyptian beliefs, your knowledge will be evaluated highly.

By the way, if you have to write an essay ‘about me’, do not hesitate to say a few words about your beliefs.
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