Writing Effective Gothic Essays

Writing Effective Gothic Essays
Writing Effective Gothic Essays
What comes to your mind when you first hear the word “gothic”? Some gloomy images? Abandoned castles? Ghosts? Darkness? Well, it is not surprising, since this is actually what gothic culture is all about.

You are assigned to write a gothic essay, and it makes you feel a bit gloomy. What is the reason? Can you not come up with some captivating ideas for your gothic essay? Do you think that gothic literature or architecture is the only thing to discuss in your paper?

Well, let us prove you that fascinating topics for gothic essays do exist and they do not boil down to literature or architecture.

Gothic essays: American Gothic painting

This kind of painting is considered an integral part of Americana. Do you know what classic American Gothic painting means? Usually, such painting depicts two people who are a bit dissatisfied with their lives. You can describe many other amazing peculiarities in your gothic essay. Tell about the most well-known American Gothic painters and their works.

Gothic essays: the use of gothic elements in movies and video games

We are sure this will be an exciting issue to discuss in gothic essays, since watching movies and playing video games is a hobby of many students. In your gothic essay, explain what distinguishes such movies and games from other genres. Express your own opinion about them or explain why you like them.

Gothic essays: Goth subculture

We suppose that you have met many representatives of Goth subculture. Probably, you are even one of them. Then, you have a chance to create an outstanding gothic essay telling about this subculture. What music do Goths listen to? How do they look like? What is the ideology of Goth subculture? Give answers in your gothic essay.

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