Managing Your Essay on Conflict

Managing Your Essay on Conflict
Managing Your Essay on Conflict

Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional

Max Lucade

Can you remember how many conflicts you have had in your life? What do you remember about them? Was it a positive or negative experience? Did you manage to resolve them successfully?

Yes, conflicts are inevitable, but winning strategies for solving them is something people should be concerned with. This is what we suggest you investigate in your essay paper on conflict – conflicts and resolutions.

We have developed winning strategies that will help you create a successful essay on conflict. So, let us begin.

Essays on conflict: point 1

First, it is necessary to define conflict and understand its nature. So, find out its definition. Make sure you understand why conflicts take place in our life, who participates in conflicts, etc.

Essays on conflict: point 2

To understand the nature of conflict better, we advise you learn more about the main components of conflict:
- Needs;
- Values;
- Power;
- Perceptions;
- Feelings and emotions.

Essays on conflict: point 3

In your essay on conflict, explain two types of conflicts: public and private. What are their main differences? Which one is more difficult to resolve? What are the consequences of each type?

Essays on conflict: point 4

“Healthy conflicts”. You might be surprised, but they do exist. If you want to prepare a thrilling essay on conflict, explain this concept.

Essays on conflict: point 5

Finally, you have to describe the strategies of managing conflicts. Here, you definitely need to highlight the following steps that are usually taken to manage conflicts:
- Collaboration;
- Compromise;
- Competition;
- Accommodation;
- Avoidance.

Hope this simple plan will be helpful not only for completing your essay on conflict. Knowledge that you will gain can be easily used in your everyday life.
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