Powerful Essays on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

Powerful Essays on the Salem Witchcraft Trials
Powerful Essays on the Salem Witchcraft Trials
It has been years since the events of the year 1692, but they are still hotly discussed. Yes, we mean the Salem witch trials. Why are these events so interesting to millions of people? What is so special about them? We will try to sort this out in this article.

The information you find here can be a good basis for your essay on the Salem witch trials. Before you start working on your Salem witchcraft essay, let us give you a piece of advice. If you have enough time, read the work of Carol Karslen “The Devil in the Shape of a Woman” or a book of Mary Beth Norton “In the Devil’s Snare”.

Now, let us pass to your Salem witchcraft essay. What particular issues can you consider in your paper?

The causes of the Salem witch trials

Everybody knows the well-known reason for those events – some women were accused of being witches. People of those times were too religious, and witchcraft was regarded as an awful crime. Surely, you need to discuss this in the essay on the Salem witch trials.

However, was it the real reason? We suggest you go deeper into the issue and find some other reasons.

Evidences used during the Salem witch trials

It is a rather fascinating issue that you can investigate in essays on the Salem witch trials. Dolls with pins stuck in them, some sort of pox that some young women and girls had. What other evidences can you tell about in your Salem witchcraft essay?
Results of Salem witch trials

Covering this aspect in the Salem witchcraft essay, we recommend you use statistics. The following can be helpful:
- Nineteen men and women were hang;
- One person was pressed by stones to death;
- About 200 people were sent to prison, at least 5 of them died there.

How can you finish your Salem witchcraft essay? Explain how this witch paranoia was stopped.

We want to point out that the Salem witchcraft essay can be a perfect basis for your History research paper.
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