Free Guide to Writing an Education Thesis

Free Guide to Writing an Education Thesis
Free Guide to Writing an Education Thesis
Did you sign up for writing an education thesis? Congratulations! Very soon, you will get your Master’s degree and become closer to the research community. Probably, you will make a significant contribution to the science and become a respected person. No matter what opportunities open to you, you have to overcome one big challenge – complete your education thesis first.

We do not mean to scare you by saying that writing an education thesis is a real challenge. We want you to be ready. Do not give up in spite of all the difficulties of education thesis writing. Besides, we would like to help you by providing a reliable guide to writing an education thesis.

1. Choose a catchy topic to develop

Try to choose such topic that would be interesting to you and that would be of scientific significance for the research community. Remember, you will have to convince the committee that the topic of your education thesis is really worth investigating, otherwise, you will have to change it.

2. Look through the available sources

It is necessary to study as many sources as possible, since you have to develop your own position on the problem. After you look through several books, journals, scientific works, etc, you will get a certain understanding of the problem and your research topic.

3. Make a proposal for your education thesis

Write a proposal. Explain what topic you want to investigate, why you want to investigate it, and how you are going to do it. The proposal will be either approved or disapproved by the thesis committee.

4. Prepare an outline for your education thesis
The proposal will serve as a framework for your education thesis. The thesis itself will have a bit different structure:
- Title Page;
- Abstract;
- Acknowledgements;
- Introduction;
- Literature Review;
- Methodology;
- Data Presentation;
- Analysis and discussion;
- Conclusion;
- References.
Compose the parts of your education thesis

With an effective outline, the process of education thesis writing will not be that difficult. Just do not forget to consult your supervisor each time something is unclear to and you feel lost. Thus, you will save much time.

Of course, such papers as an education thesis require thorough editing. So, edit the final paper by yourself or use the services of a professional editor.
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