Everything about a Good Thesis Statement

Everything about a Good Thesis Statement
Everything about a Good Thesis Statement
You have definitely heard about the importance of a good thesis statement. Maybe, you even have some instructions from your tutor on how to make it. Yet, you cannot understand them. They seem to be vague and boring.

You know, we can also provide you with good instructions on how to create a perfect thesis statement. Read this article up to the end and make sure that we are telling the truth.

A definition of a thesis statement

We have a really simple definition that you will get at once. A thesis statement is a sentence or two that explain the gist of your paper.

So, you see, we have a short and clear definition. Now, let us give you more details about a good thesis statement using vivid examples for you not to get bored. A good thesis statement does not announce a subject but rather takes a stand.

Example: This paper will consider major environmental problems.

Solutions of environmental problems should be of primary importance for all countries.

A good thesis statement should not look like a title of your paper. It should be a complete sentence.

Example: Elderly people and social security.

Today, it is very difficult for elderly people to plan their retirement because of the changes in the system of social security.

A good thesis statement should not be broad.

Example: These days, the American steel industry faces numerous problems.

The major problem of the American steel industry these days is the lack of financial support.

A good thesis statement should not be general or vague but rather more focused and specific.

Example: War stories of Hemingway are very interesting.

Hemingway used extensive dialogues in his war stories, which made them extremely interesting to read. Do you have to prepare a research paper and have no research paper ideas? You can get them on our weblog.

Description: this article will explain you what a good thesis statement means by providing vivid examples.
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