Exclusive Tips for Essays on Automobiles

Exclusive Tips for Essays on Automobiles
Exclusive Tips for Essays on Automobiles
Do you have a car? What does it mean to you? Is it just a means of transportation or probably it reflects your individuality? We are sure that cars are not only a means of traveling for many people.

Anyway, this idea can be developed in the introduction of your essay on automobiles. However, you need more specific and catchy ideas to highlight in the body of the automobile essay paper.

This is exactly what you will find in this article – worthwhile ideas for essays on automobiles.

Essays on automobiles: car design

Needless to say, the design of a car plays an important role. At the end of 1990s, Buick discovered that mostly people of about 68 years old buy its cars. So, Buick designed a sports car for young people called Bengal and hired Tiger Woods as a spokesperson. So, design is the first idea for your automobile essay.

Essays on automobiles: environmental issues associated with cars

It is considered that cars are one of the main causes of air pollution. Yet, do you know that at the end of the 19th century cars became a solution to the major pollution problem – horses? At those times, every day horses dropped up to 1.3 million pounds of manure. In your automobile essay, tell about the current ways of solving the problem of pollution associated with cars.

Essays on automobiles: racial and gender issues

In 1963, Wendell Scott won NASCAR race. Why is it a noteworthy fact? The thing is that he was the only African American to win this race. In 2005, Danica Patrick took the fourth place in the Indianapolis 500 race. We just want to say that there is an intersection between racial and gender issues and cars, and you can discuss it in your automobile essay.

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