Essays on Cuba – Hints for Writing

Essays on Cuba – Hints for Writing
Essays on Cuba – Hints for Writing
“The island of freedom”, “Patria o Muerte”, Fidel Castro… What is the first association that comes to your mind when you hear these words? Definitely, you think about Cuba.

Next, you can think about “Havana”, “Cuban cigar”, “Cuban rum”, Raul Castro. Fine, but if you have no other ideas, writing essays on Cuba is going to be tricky.

What is more, we suppose that your tutor has not specified the task. You can cover absolutely different issues in Cuba essays. In this article, we are going to talk about several noteworthy events from the history of Cuba, which can help you develop further ideas in your Cuba essay.

The Maine incident

In 1898, one of the largest American ships Maine arrived in Havana. In ten days, Maine exploded, killing 266 people. Give the details about this incident in your essay on Cuba.

February, 1959 – the event that Cuba will always remember

Actually, it is the date when Fidel Castro became the prime minister of Cuba after the dictator Batista. What were the first steps of Castro to the status of a national leader? Tell about it in the essay on Cuba.

Special Period in Cuba

Have you ever heard about this period in Cuba? It was the period of hardship for Cuba after the fall of the Soviet Union. The country faced numerous problems but, still, managed to overcome them. Tell about the measures taken to overcome the crisis in the essay on Cuba.

You know, if you surf the Web, you will find many other facts to include into your Cuba essay. Besides, if you succeed in writing the essay on Cuba this time, you can develop this topic in the future Geography coursework. So, good luck with your Cuba essay!
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