Tips for Writing GCSE Chemistry Coursework

Tips for Writing GCSE Chemistry Coursework
Tips for Writing GCSE Chemistry Coursework
In order to get the General Certificate of Secondary Education, you have to complete one more task – write GCSE Chemistry coursework. Do you have ideas on how to start this work? If you need help, continue reading this article.

Below you will find several pieces of advice on how to prepare your GCSE Chemistry coursework.

In fact, Chemistry is an amazing science. On the one hand, it is an exact science and deals with numerous useful and harmful substances around/in us and their ratios.

On the other hand, Chemistry is an abstract science. It deals with atoms, formulas, and different chemical laws. Chemistry is quite an old science, since it originates from the Egyptian priests. However, there is always something to investigate, and you have a great opportunity to prepare a perfect GCSE Chemistry coursework.

It is not that easy to decide at once what to investigate in GCSE Chemistry coursework (unless specified). That is why we are glad to provide several ideas for GCSE Chemistry courseworks right now.

Investigate interesting discoveries made within the field of Chemistry in your GCSE Chemistry coursework. Here are several examples:

Fluorine Discovery

This experiment was one of the most difficult in the history of Chemistry. When fluorine reacts to other substances, it explodes or inflames. Find information about the experiments carried out by Thomas and George Knox.

Iodine Discovery

Bernard Courtois discovered iodine in 1811. Actually, he is not the one who made it. It is considered that his cat made this discovery. Is it one more rumor or truth? Discuss this issue in your GCSE Chemistry coursework.

Describe the relation of Chemistry to other sciences and spheres of life in your GCSE Chemistry coursework:

Chemistry and criminology

There are so many crimes that are solved with the help of Chemistry: fingerprints, poison substances, etc… Cover this idea in your GCSE Chemistry coursework.
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