How to Produce Thrilling Essays on Prisons

How to Produce Thrilling Essays on Prisons
How to Produce Thrilling Essays on Prisons
What is a prison? Is it just a correctional institution or it is the worst punishment for a person? What is actually going on in modern prisons? If you think for a while about a prison, you will have even more questions.

You know, prisons are a bit strange phenomenon. On the one hand, everybody knows that prisons do exist, and people are living there. On the other hand, we just have no idea about that life. So, it seems that essays on prisons can be completed even from a bit philosophical perspective.

Anyway, in this article, we will try to give you several hints for preparing essays on prisons.

Hint #1 for prison essays: a prison as a social institution

What is the main purpose of having prisons in society? Well, they were invented to keep dangerous offenders away from law-abiding citizens. Officially, prisons are meant to correct those who have stepped on the wrong way, which is why they are called correctional facilities.

Yet, do they really help offenders become better? Very often, the opposite process can be observed. So, give your standpoint on the problem in the prison essay.

Hint #2 for prison essays: problems of the modern prisons

Overcrowding, prison gangs, and indifference to health care issues are only a few problems that people face in prisons. What else can you tell about in the prison essay?

Hints #3 for prison essays: violence in prisons

Surely, offenders cannot be treated like tender ladies. However, they definitely cannot be beaten, humiliated, or tortured.

Unfortunately, maltreatment is a common thing for many prisons, and you can discuss it in your prison essay. One of the best examples that you can give in the prison essay is the Abu Ghraib prison.

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