Essays on the Renaissance: Exciting Ideas to Consider

Essays on the Renaissance: Exciting Ideas to Consider
Essays on the Renaissance: Exciting Ideas to Consider
What comes to your mind when you think about the Renaissance? Chivalry, ladies-love, kings and queens, wars, plague… Is it not enough to write the Renaissance essays? No? Then, read this article and make use of the ideas for the Renaissance essays presented below.

The Renaissance catastrophes:

Plague and “The Black Death”

The early Renaissance period (1350-1450) was distressing and disastrous, since it took lives of millions of people. The greater part of the Europeans died from the plague. You can find more facts and statistics on the plague of that period and discuss it in your essay on the Renaissance.

Economic Depression

Since the population decreased much, economic crisis was unavoidable. It was a real problem for tradesman to sell goods at that time Investigate the economic depression of the late 15th century and present the results of your research in essays on the Renaissance.

The Inquisition

The Renaissance was also a period of the establishment of Christianity in Europe. However, the Church used violence in order to establish its power. As a result, a lot of recalcitrant people were hung and killed. Find more facts about the Renaissance inquisition and present them in essays on the Renaissance.

Renaissance and magic

Essays on the Renaissance devoted to magic will certainly be the most intriguing and fascinating to the reader. When talking about magic in essays on the Renaissance, consider the following Renaissance secret societies:
- The Rosicrucian society
- The Knight Templar
- Freemasonry

Each of these secret societies had their own symbols, doctrines, and secrets. Find out more and present their secrets to the reader in the Renaissance essays.

One of the most important factors of preparing successful essays on the Renaissance lies in an interesting topic and catchy ideas. Use the ideas presented above and be sure to create an informative and effective Renaissance essay. Good luck!
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