Power Keys to Writing Essays on Ambition

Power Keys to Writing Essays on Ambition
Power Keys to Writing Essays on Ambition
“Hide your ambitions,” “You are too ambitious” or “You are not ambitious enough” – people can hear these words every day. There are so many talks about ambition! Still, it is quite difficult to define this human trait as 100% positive or negative.

You can try to do this while working on your essay on ambition. However, a mere speculation on this topic is not the best option for ambition essays. Even if you have a strong position on the matter, you need several vivid examples to prove it.

So, depending on the position you want to demonstrate in the ambition essay, the following examples can be useful.

Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, and Julius Caesar in ambition essays

These are three outstanding leaders, three dictators, and three extremely ambitious personalities. All of them had a dream – to conquer the world. Yet, what did it lead to? Think about it and present your ideas in the essay on ambition.

Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in your essay on ambition

It can be one of the best examples for your paper. Recollect the story of the prominent Scottish general whose ambition and quest for power made him kill people. Use quotations from the text to make your essay on ambition more convincing.

Machiavelli’s “The Prince” in essays on ambition

“The Prince” describes all tools necessary for obtaining political power, new territories, and glory. Tell in the essay on ambition whether you agree or disagree with Machiavelli. Do ambitions really allow people to use all means for achieving their goals?

We are sure that plenty of good lessons can be learned while completing such task.
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