Essays against Capital Punishment

Essays against Capital Punishment
Essays against Capital Punishment
Capital punishment is one of the major issues for heated debates these days. However, it seems like in the nearest future a solution to this problem will not be found.

Now it is your turn to join the debates and introduce your standpoint in an essay against capital punishment. However, your task is specified enough. You have to take the position of a death penalty opponent. So, imagine yourself as a representative of the judicial branch. You need to give reasonable arguments in order to abolish death penalty.

Well, this will be the very beginning of your essay against capital punishment. You have a precise task and you have inspiration. What about reasonable arguments. Do you have them? If it is a problem, use the following arguments for the essay against capital punishment.

Capital punishment is not an effective deterrent

You have to prove in the essay against capital punishment that it is not an effective way to prevent or stop further crimes.

Capital punishment contradicts basic human rights

Every person has the right to live no matter whether it is a criminal or a five years old kid. At least, it is beyond people’s competence to decide whether somebody has to die or live. Introduce and develop this argument in the essay against capital punishment.

Law system is not perfect

There are many instances when innocent people were accused of committing crime and executed afterwards. If you want to use this argument for your essay against capital punishment, it is better to find several real cases.

These are only a few arguments to introduce in essays against capital punishment. Definitely, the more supporting facts you give, the more convincing your essay against capital punishment will be.
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