Essay Types That Are Commonly Used

There are various essay types students can attempt in any subject. The assignment may be part of the curriculum where students may not have a choice in the selection of topics. It does not matter. Depending on the topic, students can decide on the type of essay to be attempted. It could be an argumentative essay, narrative essay, comparative essay, evaluation essay or personal essay. The basis of choosing which type would depend on how the topic is to be tackled in terms of research, quotes, and reference material that have already been covered in class. Let us go through different methods that can be used, and how they would be used in context to the chosen topic.
Personal Essay: An essay of this type is written to present information about oneself to readers. It could include your thoughts and ideas and would generally be written in first person. The process of applying to college often includes writing an essay about a student’s future goals and aspirations. Students would have to specify how the course would help them in pursing their chosen career. It offers students scope to use quotes to support their claims. They can be more creative in their style of writing and could experiment with prose.
Argumentative Essay: This essay tries to prove a point. Writers would employ this style of essay writing to express their point of view to readers. The arguments would focus around the thesis statement and would be strategically arranged throughout the essay. Students would need to focus on different essay types to become an expert on argumentative essay writing.
Evaluation Essay: A review of an object, event, or personality is usually done using this type of essay. It can describe events or present a reviewer’s viewpoint in context to what is good or bad about the topic under consideration. Solid evidence would have to be presented to support the review. Students can refer to essay examples and reviews for better understanding.
Narrative Essay: A story is summarized into a narrative essay. The original story could be in the form of a play, novel, movie, or audio. The essay would aim to present a shorter version of the same depending on the number of words to be included. The logical sequence of events is maintained giving relevance and maintaining the original format of storytelling.
Comparison Essay: One of the easiest essays to write, it can compare between two or more objects, events, or persons to highlight attributes common or different in elements under comparison. A logical pattern is followed to build up understating among readers. It could be written on different essay subjects.
Descriptive Essay: it would attempt to answer questions about a topic under discussion. It is important to think like readers. Again, a logical sequence of descriptive factors about the topic would be included. For example, a term paper on science would define the terms included, the principles involved, factors explaining concepts, and experimental results. Each factor is important and would have to be presented logically for readers to get a firm understanding of topics on different essay types.
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