Free Help with Writing Evaluative Essays

Free Help with Writing Evaluative Essays
Free Help with Writing Evaluative Essays
Are you looking for help with completing an evaluative essay? We suggest you pay attention to this article, as here all necessary information about evaluative essays is given.

To create a good evaluative essay, you need to know…
- …what an evaluative essay is;
- …what the evaluative essay format requirements are;
- …how to pick out a good topic for evaluative essays.

Let us discuss each of these points right now.

What is an evaluative essay?

It is a paper where a student examines an idea presented by another person. It is also called an evaluative argument essay. It means that the author should present enough arguments to prove the chosen position. It is not enough just to agree or disagree with the offered idea. You need to analyze and evaluate critically!

What are the evaluative essay format requirements?

Usually, evaluative essays are about 4-5 pages long. They should be double-spaced and typed. As a rule, evaluative essays should be structured as follows:
Introductory part (1-2 sentences);
Body (1 chapter to support, another to disprove, and the last to underline the main idea);
Concluding part (1 paragraph to draw conclusions).

Several topic ideas for evaluative essays

Some students face many troubles while picking out a topic. Maybe, the following ideas will help you:
1. Media
Evaluate how media influences children (violence, sex, frauds, etc…);
Evaluate Reality Show spreading.

2. Literature
Present a review of your favorite book;
Write what you think about the writing style of a certain author.

3. Medicine
Evaluate modern technologies in medicine;
Express your opinion on the prices of today health care services.

4. Politics
Analyze the campaign of a particular politician;
Examine recent political reforms and their impact on society.
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