About Thesis Proposal Format

About Thesis Proposal Format
About Thesis Proposal Format
You have already started to work on your thesis. You thought over the topic of your project, gathered some materials, and even chose the most effective way to conduct your research. But wait! What about a thesis proposal? Do you have it?

If you do not, you do not even have to go on working on your thesis. Thesis writing is impossible without a proposal. So, go straight to your advisor and find out everything about writing proposals.

In this article, we will discuss one of the aspects you definitely need to know – thesis proposal format. So, let us begin!

Although thesis proposal format usually does not change, different institutions may set their own specific requirements for this paper. So, it is better to find them out in advance. We will talk about general thesis proposal format.


Usually, theses proposal format requires it to be no more than one page long. It is a brief description of the chosen problem, its significance, and your approaches to achieving the research goals.

Specific Aims

It is the next part of a thesis proposal. Format requires this part to be one page long as well. Another significant thesis proposal format requirement for this part is – be as much clear and specific as possible. Describe your specific goals and ways of achieving them.

Background and Preliminary Results

According to theses proposal format, this part can consist of 4-9 pages. It gives background information on your topic.

Research Plan

Thesis proposal format requirements for the size of this part are 7-10 pages. You have to give a plan of how your specific goals will be achieved.


This is the last part of a thesis proposal. Format requirements for the length of References do not set specific limits. You just have to give all the necessary references, especially for the background part.

So, thesis proposal format seems to be not so complicated.
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