How to Write a Master Thesis Proposal

How to Write a Master Thesis Proposal
How to Write a Master Thesis Proposal
A master thesis proposal is an outline of research conducted by a student. It may be compared with a blueprint for a building house.

So, if you want to your master thesis proposal to be approved, you need to invest time and efforts to present a perfect work.

Let us give you several pieces of advice on how to prepare your master thesis proposal.

Naturally, students may face a certain number of difficulties while preparing a master thesis proposal. Still, the most challenging is picking out a topic. You are lucky if the topic of your master thesis proposal corresponds to your preferences.

Thus, what should you do if the topic promises to give you hard times? First, you should not panic! Second, be patient and think about the ways of developing your master thesis proposal.

To make the process of writing your master thesis proposal easier, we suggest you sticking to the following structure:
- Introduction. Your master thesis proposal has a subject and a problem that should be investigated and discussed in details. So, explain why your research is important, outlining only the most essential information.
- Background. In this section of the master thesis proposals, present background information and summary of the researches done within the area you deal with.
- Definition of a problem. You need to give a clear definition to the problem you consider in your master thesis proposal.
- Methods. Think over and present the methods that will help you investigate and disclose the topic in this part of the master thesis proposals.
- Results. Make an overview of all gathered information and the ways of using it.
- Timetable. This is a plan you should stick to while preparing the master thesis itself.
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