Everything You Need to Know about PGCE Essays

Everything You Need to Know about PGCE Essays
Everything You Need to Know about PGCE Essays
Let us start this article with deciphering the abbreviation PGCE. If you have already applied for this program, you definitely know what it stands for. However, there might be students who see it for the first time.

So, PGCE stands for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education. This certificate is designed for people who want to make a career in education. Mind that you can take this program only after receiving your first degree.

Guess it is enough of general info and we can pass to PGCE essays. Do you know the major problem of those who have to write PGCE essays? These people just do not remember how to write essays. There are individuals who wrote their last essay 10 years ago.

That is why we will remind you some basic rules of writing essays and give several peculiarities of writing PGCE essays.

Basic rules of writing PGCE essays
- PGCE essay should be arranged according to the requirements set;
- PGCE essay should be cohesive;
- PGCE essay should answer the main question.

Peculiarities of writing PGCE essays
1. Mind the length of your paper. Usually, PGCE essays should not exceed 1000 words. So, make sure that you disclose a topic within this limit;
2. Do not describe and narrate in your PGCE essay. This paper should be of analytical type.
3. Remember that PGCE essay should reflect your teaching experience, give some information on the current practice and ideas on the future development.

Besides, there is one secret of making your PGCE essay more striking. You can attach several works completed by your students.
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