Ideas on an Essay about My Friend

Ideas on an Essay about My Friend
Ideas on an Essay about My Friend
All people have friends. No friends – no real life, no real fun, and all that stuff friends experience together. There is no one to share your grief and joy with, no one who might warm your heart by saying ‘I care about you’. So, an essay on a friend is one of the most exciting tasks that you might be assigned.

The Introduction of an essay about a friend, like “I have a friend. My friend’s name is Jack…” may sound like a phrase of a 5-year old kid. You definitely need to create something much more original. That is why our ideas on an essay about my friend can be right in time for you.

- Friendship between People of the Opposite Genders: Possible or Not?
Do you have a friend of the opposite gender? Then provide your arguments for the friendship between people of opposite genders in your essay on a friend.

- A Friend in Need Is a Friend indeed
What can you write in your essay about a friend discussing this proverb? Well, tell about the experience of being supported by your best friend when you really needed it. Maybe, you needed money, a companion in a kind of monkey business or simple ‘Just hang loose, man! Everything will be all right!” and your friend gave it to you. Express your appreciation and affection to him/her in your essay on my best friend!

- Breaking the Stereotypes: My Friend Is Jewish!
Friend essays that aim to break stereotypes about nationalities, races can be effective indeed! Of course, it should not be the major purpose when writing your essay about my friend. Still, maybe, your essay on the best friend will convince people that they are deeply wrong about making stereotypes.

If you have found the best friend at college, write your essay on a friend using essays on college life. If your best friend is mom or dad, an essay about parents will be helpful.
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