Free Ideas for Writing a Perfume Essay

Free Ideas for Writing a Perfume Essay
Free Ideas for Writing a Perfume Essay
Are you assigned to write a perfume essay paper? Is not it one of the most exciting and interesting topics ever? However, first, let us help you get ready for writing.

Prepare several phials with perfume that remind you of different people, life moments, etc. Open one of them: Hmm…Smells like mom, as sweet and tender as she is. Here is your daddy’s cologne – as strong and confident as he is. What does this perfume remind you of? God! Do you remember your first love at Junior school?!!!

See, each perfume smells differently. So, is not it a good idea for an essay paper on perfume? If you still do not know what to write about in your essay paper on perfume, make use of the ideas presented below:
- Write about the importance of perfume in our life
Perfume is a means of private hygiene, it is a magnetic potion that attracts people’s attention – is not its importance really great?! Then tell what you think about it in your perfume essay papers.
- Discuss the effect of perfume on people introduced in Perfume by Patrick Süskind
You can discuss the book as well as the famous movie Perfume in your perfume essay. If you decide to do it, you may present the main idea that Süskind conveys in the novel. Remember, you do not have to make a book review or an essay on the movie. You should focus on the effect of perfume itself in your perfume essay paper.
- Compare and contrast the effects that music and perfume makes on people
Lots of similarities can be withdrawn in the way music and perfume affects people. So, why not discuss it in your perfume essay? Thus, you will present analytical thinking in your perfume essay.
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