Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples
Dissertation Examples
Dissertation examples do exist. We cannot say for sure whether it is good or bad. There can be two sides of using dissertation examples.

In this article we would like to offer you theses for and against the usage of dissertation examples. Read them attentively and make your own decision: should you consider dissertation examples to be useful or harmful?

Dissertation examples: Pros
- dissertation examples help students understand the basic steps to dissertation writing;
- dissertation examples allow students to see how dissertations should be structured;
- dissertation examples allow students to get a general idea of what chapters to include, what information to present, etc;
- dissertation examples can serve as a guide if your advisor has no time to consult you;
Dissertation examples: Cons
- students can decide to copy a dissertation example and use it as his/her own work – this is called plagiarism;
- dissertation example can be written in a completely different style – so, you may make mistakes if you use it blindly;
- dissertation example can contain some mistakes – again, you are running a risk of making the same mistakes;
your dissertation has no chance to be original and unusual if it was composed in accordance with a dissertation example;

Actually, if you use dissertation examples wisely, do not copy them and present as your own, you can only benefit. The thing is that you need to pay attention to a certain number of details that can lead to some undesirable mistakes.

Anyhow, we have presented 4 points ‘for’ and ‘against’ dissertation examples, and your task is to weigh all of them and make your own decision: whether you should use them or not.
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