Research Paper Formats

Research Paper Formats
Research Paper Formats
One of the most important requirements for a research paper is that is should be written in accordance with a certain format. This includes citing, making references, organizing title page, etc.

There are different research paper formats; each of them is determined by the research area that a student aims to investigate.

The most widely-used are MLA, APA and Chicago research paper formats. So, this article aims to present the most significant characteristics of these research paper formats.
- Research paper formats: Chicago. This format for research papers needs a project to be done in accordance with Chicago citation style requirements. Chicago format for research papers implies arranging the sources used according to the author’s last name and date of publication. More information on Chicago research paper writing can be extracted from our weblog;
- Research paper formats: MLA. Modern Language Association that MLA stands for has adopted a certain set of rules for making research papers in English and Humanities. MLA format for research papers points out the standards required for end/footnotes, spacing in text, placement of margins, abbreviation and references. If you need the general guidelines on MLA using, you may find information about MLA style research paper on our blog;
- Research paper formats: APA. APA research paper format rules were adopted by the American Psychology Association. The rules of citing, referencing and making foot/endnotes should be followed while making APA format research papers. APA format for research papers differs much from the ones mentioned above. So, you may make a serious format mistake if you confuse APA and MLA research paper formats.
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