Tempest Essay

A Tempest essay based on The Tempest, a play by William Shakespeare, can bring to life the famous scenes from the storm. Shakespeare has presented the play in his inimitable and unique style with great emphasis on a pictorial view that comes to life on stage. The story begins with King Alonso of Naples sailing home for Italy. He is returning after attending his daughter Charibel’s wedding From Africa. A violent storm forces the King and his entourage to jump overboard. They are washed ashore to an island. The magician Prospero, who had forced the storm on them, lives on the island with his 15-year-old daughter Miranda. They live in a cave inhabited by Ariel, a faithful elf and the half-beast, half-man Caliban. William Shakespeare is thought to have written portions of the play early in his career, but historians think the entire play might have been written in 1610 or 1611. An essay writing exercise could establish the connection between this play and the others written by Shakespeare.
Prospero is the rightful Duke of Milan who was duped by his own brother Antonio and takes over the dukedom when Prospero pursues his education of the liberal arts. He was helped by King Alonso to conspire against his brother. Prospero and his daughter are forced onto a boat and are marooned on the same island that has brought his enemies through the storm. The good will of Gonzolo, member of the King’s council, helps them survive with food and water hidden on the boat. An essay on providence could demonstrate how after 12 years, Prospero gets his chance and instructs Ariel to raise the tempest. The ship is actually not wrecked but docked in the harbor with the mariners in it. The others who were with King Alonso and himself are scattered across the island.
A research paper on the three plots hatched on the island would make interesting reading. Ferdinand, the prince of Naples, is lured to pass by the cave by Ariel’s songs. He meets Miranda and falls in love with her. Prospero ensures that the match does not take place easily and forces Ferdinand into manual labor by stacking logs. In the meantime, Caliban, who is jealous of Prospero, conspires with the two drunkards Stephano and Trinculo to overthrow Prospero, which fails. Antonio and Sebastian, part of King Alonso’s entourage from the ship, conspire to kill him and Gonzalo. Arial who had put Alonso and Gonzolo in a trance saves the day by waking them up in time. Later, Arial appears to Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian and warns them of dire consequences. The stage is set for the confrontation with Prospero.
Finally, when they do confront each other, Prospero forgives Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian for their part in the conspiracy. Arial uses his magic to stem the storm and prepare the vessel for its voyage to Italy. Alsonso and Prospero sail together back with Miranda and Ferdinand who are to get married. Caliban is also forgiven and prepares one final party for everyone before their departure. Prospero abandons his magic power and regains his dukedom. A Tempest essay can truly bring out the emotions of friendship, power, repentance and forgiveness that are exhibited in the play.
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