Everything You Should Know about Research Papers

Everything You Should Know about Research Papers
Everything You Should Know about Research Papers
Research paper writing is rather a laborious piece of work. However, if you give it your best, the results can be really satisfying.
Being aware of the main things about research papers writing is the purpose of the primary importance for everyone. So, this article will tell you everything you should know about research papers, including the required genre, structure, thesis or research question, etc.
- About research papers genre. Research paper genre differs much from the one required for writing creative pieces of task, such as personal narrative essays, my life essay, etc. It requires certain thematic terminology and vocabulary;
- About research papers topics. When being assigned to write a research paper, you can make use of possible research paper topics list that you can find in your university or college library, or you can formulate a topic by yourself;
- About research papers structure. Research papers structure consists of the following sections: Introduction, Data Presentation, Discussion, Conclusion and References;
- About research papers thesis/question. A research paper thesis or question flows from the topic chosen, by narrowing it up to a certain problem under investigation;
- About research papers format. Research paper formats are different. The most widely-used research paper formats are MLA and APA;
- About research papers revision. Research paper editing and proofreading are obligatory to do before a research paper is handed in. Usually, the general organization, format and each sentence in particular are checked in a research paper;

About research papers requirements. According to the research paper requirements, a writer should present personal research abilities, profound knowledge within the field of the investigated area, good writing skills and critical thinking. Moreover, a topic should be covered fully.
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