Essay about English Language

Essay about English Language
Essay about English Language
Before starting to write an essay about English language, get to know the aspect of English language you will have to consider: Phonetics, Grammar, history of the language, etc. Thus, it will give you an opportunity to touch upon the most significant peculiarities of the necessary aspect.

Let us consider several branches of English language and their most essential features:
- Phonetics. English language essays devoted to the consideration of phonetics can consider the peculiarities of English intonation, sounds, organs of speech participating in pronunciation of English words, etc. While writing your English language essay on phonetics, use the works of famous linguists;
- Grammar. Grammar is probably the most difficult branch of English language that you may consider in your essay about English language. Consideration of English grammar in your essay about English language will certainly be directed to such grammatical categories as tenses (Past, Present, Future), correlation (Perfect/Non-perfect), aspect (Continuous/Non-Continuous) and voice (Active/Passive). You can also devote your essay on English language to the parts of speech (Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, etc) or grammatical constructions (Infinitive/Participial/Gerundial constructions);
- Lexicology. English language essays on lexicology will certainly be directed to the origins of English words. Where did English words come from? What are the major peculiarities of English words? Answer these questions in your own essay on English language.
The tips presented can be much useful in case you decide to write about specific peculiarities of this language in your essay about English language. If you do not want to go too far considering such branches, choose the most general topic for your English language essay.

You may also consider English language intrinsic to the inhabitants of different English speaking countries, like Canada. In this case, your essay on Canada will just touch upon the problem of English language in Canada and be more devoted to the consideration of the country in general.
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