Characteristics of a Perfect Essay

Characteristics of a Perfect Essay
Characteristics of a Perfect Essay
Before we start talking about the characteristics of a perfect essay, let us try to define what it actually is. In a few words, a perfect essay is a kind of writing that deserves a grade of an A+. You should know that it is not so easy to get this highest mark.

Your piece of writing should be really perfect meeting all the requirements.

Now, let us pass to the actual characteristics of perfect essays that are usually assessed by tutors.
- structure of your paper
- format requirements
- topic that is perfectly disclosed (content)
- writing, analytical, critical, investigation skills
- independent thinking
- creativity and originality

Seems to be an impressive list, and these are the characteristics of a perfect essay. Still, as for me, these are the formal characteristics. Perfect essays should be something more than those formalities. If you want to produce a really perfect piece of writing, you should try to express yourself as much as possible.

What do I mean by self-expression and why is it important for a perfect essay? A lot of students are shy or afraid to express their true thoughts and feelings. They are afraid to be misinterpreted or criticized. This is a mistake that should not be made in perfect essays.

What is the purpose of writing any essay? To give your opinion on the topic under discussion. Your tutor wants to see your exact position and vision of the things. So, what is the point to give slightly modified opinions of other people? The main purpose of a perfect essay is not retelling, but presenting fresh and new ideas.

So, if you want to produce perfect art essay (or business essay), remember about such a significant thing as self-expression.
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