Practical Computing Coursework

Practical Computing Coursework
Practical Computing Coursework
Nobody will argue that a computing coursework or ICT coursework should be more of a practical nature rather than theoretical. However, in this article we are going to talk about making your computing coursework practical and appealing.

You know that computing course works are done in a standard way: you get a topic, make research and write your computing coursework like all the other assignments. Still, your computing coursework can be much more practical if it is done as a “real-world” project.

We will explain what it means. A “Real-world” project means this project involves some description of the real organizations, their problems. These organizations can be different: big or small companies, schools or hospitals. In fact, this will be much more than a computing coursework, but rather an Information Technology coursework.

Only think about the numerous benefits you will get from writing a “real-world” computing courseworks. First, you get some experience of working within the field that you have chosen as your major. Second, if you demonstrate your high proficiency and competence, you have a chance to get a job later in this organization. So, do not miss this chance.

Still, writing a computing coursework has several peculiarities.
- It is more likely that you will not get any salary for your work.
- Do not expect that your organization will help you write your computing courseworks.
- You will be your own supervisor. It means that all the problems with your computing coursework you will have to solve on your own.
- When writing a “real-world” computing coursework, be careful not to reflect some confidential information of your organization.

So, writing this kind of the computing coursework is much more interesting, but it has some peculiarities as well.
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