Several Strategies of Writing an Essay about Euthanasia

Several Strategies of Writing an Essay about Euthanasia
Several Strategies of Writing an Essay about Euthanasia
The phenomenon of euthanasia was known in the ancient Greece. In fact, in Greek euthanasia means “good death”. Nowadays, this phenomenon of “good death” is one of the most burning issues. Still, from our point of view, it is so inhumane to argue on this question.

Anyway, we are here not to give you our opinion on the problem. We would rather help you introduce your standpoint in the essay about euthanasia. Actually, you just need to choose your position (for or against) and find enough supportive arguments, which should be presented in your essay on euthanasia. Perhaps, later you will elaborate your essay on euthanasia in a critical research paper.

Start by saying that you are for legalizing euthanasia, and in your essay on euthanasia you want to talk about this issue. What are the arguments that can be introduced in your essays on euthanasia?
- We are living in the democratic country, where everybody is to respect the rights of other people. Every person has the right to treat his body as he/she thinks is best for him/her. So, who has the power to violate our rights?
- Another good argument for essays on euthanasia is the physical conditions of a person that makes him/her take this decision about voluntary death. While explaining this point in your euthanasia essays, you can give several good examples. For instance, a person suffers Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease progresses quickly, and in some time this person cannot swallow, breath, move, eat without assistance. It is pretty clear why some patients may want to finish their life sooner.

Do not forget that your euthanasia essay should include some opposing arguments. For instance, in your euthanasia essay you can think about the cases when a patient is pressured by the relatives to accept euthanasia.
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