A-Level Chemistry Coursework – Tips and Topics

A-Level Chemistry Coursework – Tips and Topics
A-Level Chemistry Coursework – Tips and Topics
It will not be a surprise for you to hear that A-level Chemistry coursework writing is challenging for any student. A-level is the key-word here, which means that you are going to write an advanced level paper.

A-level Chemistry courseworks requires various skills and knowledge. What is more, you will have to consider a serious problem within your work. Still, the topic of your A-level Chemistry coursework should meet all the requirements for advanced level papers.

While writing your A-level Chemistry coursework, you will be making observations, calculations, and measurements. Thus, you have to be attentive not to make some silly mistakes. Make sure that you are aware of how to use all the chemical tools and equipment.

Yet, the observations and measurements are not enough for your A-level Chemistry courseworks. You will have to interpret the outcomes of all reactions. So, it is better to review your Chemistry notes before writing your work.

Now, let us give you several suggestions on A-level Chemistry coursework topics. The topics can be divided into three categories: organic Chemistry, inorganic and physical Chemistry. So, according to these categories we have the following suggestions as to possible A-level Chemistry coursework topics.

1. Organic Chemistry:
- Exploring the acid rain and its effects;
- Vitamin C – investigation of its content;
- Ethanol: its main characteristics and reactions.

2. Inorganic Chemistry:
- Impact of arsenic on our health;
- Ammonia and ways of using it;
- Experiment with sodium carbonate to define its purity.

3. Physical Chemistry:
- Copper – defining its relative atomic mass;
- History and application of Aspirin;
- Analyzing amino acids by means of paper chromatography.
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