Topics for Market Research Papers

Topics for Market Research Papers
Topics for Market Research Papers
Choosing the right topic is extremely important for producing good market research papers. Such topic should be up-to-date, since numerous innovations are constantly emerging in the sphere of marketing.

Market research papers help students be aware of all the latest trends in marketing. So, if you take your research seriously, you will be an expert in this particular field. The issues that can be covered in market research papers are numerous. Thus, you can easily get lost in this variety of ideas.

This is why we can provide you with several market research paper topics. This will let you get the principles of choosing an appropriate topic for your work.
- Soft drinks industry – Cola wars. In this market research paper you have a possibility to find out everything about the main producers of the most popular drinks in the world. Tell about their strategies, make SWOT and Pest analysis, and give your recommendations on the alternative strategies.
- Children in the advertising industry. Market research papers on this topic will consider the ethical issues of involving children in advertising. Think whether it is a real problem: should such ads be banned or not; consider parents’ opinions on this issue.
- Entertainment media as a tool of the social marketing. This topic of market research papers helps us understand whether entertainment media can be efficient for achieving social marketing goals. In your market research paper you may consider this issue for the developing countries, where this entertainment media is usually under governmental control.
- Mobile phones for the Indian market. Within this topic you can analyze opportunities for mobile phone producers in the Indian market.

So, our market research paper topics’ examples will give you the idea of how to choose your own topic.
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