Getting Paid For Writing Your Dissertation

Getting Paid For Writing Your Dissertation
Getting Paid For Writing Your Dissertation
Probably, you are writing your dissertation with one purpose – to get a degree and become an expert in a certain field. Well, that is great, and you can be called a real young scholar. However, there is something else that the dissertation can give you.

Actually, you can get a good sum of money for the dissertation. Do not you know how to do it? Read this article and find out the answer.

In fact, getting money for your dissertation is rather simple. There are some organizations and even universities that have a kind of a contest on the best dissertation. If your dissertation is chosen as the best one, you will get an award. The sum of award can vary; however, it might be up to 3000 dollars.

Do not you need 3000 dollars? If you do, then you are welcome to participate in the contest. I am sure that you have been working hard on the dissertation. So, why cannot you and your dissertation research deserve the award? Definitely, there will be a lot of other award hunters with their best dissertations. Still, you should not give up and you have to be confident in your project.

We will tell you about the general criteria for assessing dissertations. So, you work should:
- Be well-organized;
- Be creative and original;
- Introduce a high quality writing;
- Describe a significant problem;
- Reflect your professional qualities as a researcher;
- Have the potential to be published;

I guess all these requirements should be already present in dissertations. Have you completed your dissertation proposal? If your proposal was approved, it means that the dissertation will meet the criteria mentioned above.
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