What to Write in a Work on 95 Theses

What to Write in a Work on 95 Theses
What to Write in a Work on 95 Theses
Have you ever heard about Martin Luther and his 95 theses? I think it is one of the catchiest and most interesting works of those times. Just imagine that in 1517 a man attached to the door of a church a list of theses. These 95 theses were the beginning of a new epoch in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

Here are several facts about 95 theses, which you may use in your writing:
- 95 theses is the work that speeded up the process of church split and led to the emergence of one more trend in Christianity: Lutheranism. These 95 theses became popular in a short period of time. People, offended by the problems of disparity, found support and understanding in these words.
- 95 theses had one sworn foe – the indulgency. Luther was against the Catholic Church and tried to do everything possible in order to prove that the Church could not be the only mediator between God and people.
- 95 theses showed the way to salvation. Martin Luther said that only faith could save the soul. Only if we pray, we can be saved. Everything depends on us and the God’s wish. We should earn the forgiveness.
- 95 theses were the reason for Martin’s hiding. Emperor Carl V proclaimed the Diet of Worms, where all actions of Martin were named illegal.
- 95 theses helped other people say aloud about the non-compliance with the Church and its actions. This work was a kind of support and a stimulus to express their thoughts and disagreement. Maybe for someone “95 theses” is a simple work, where 95 phrases about God, faith and hope are presented, but still, for others it was extremely important and significant.

All this you may discuss in your work about 95 theses and develop the idea of their importance!
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