Japanese Culture Term Paper Topics

Japanese Culture Term Paper Topics
Japanese Culture Term Paper Topics
Japanese culture is one of the most ancient and rich cultures in the word. Japan itself was closed for the other world for a long time. It was developing following its own laws and principles. However, it should be mentioned that for some period of time Chinese culture had a great impact on the culture of Japan. Therefore, you can find the traces of Chinese culture in the architecture, language, literature and some other fields of Japanese culture.

Still, investigating the culture of this amazing country cannot be dull. That is why we suggest you to write your work on Japanese culture and we can propose you some of the term paper topics.
First, you can choose term paper topics in the sphere of Japanese literature. As it was mentioned above, literature was influenced greatly by Chinese culture, and for some time numerous works of literature were written using Chinese language. Yet, if you need term paper topics concerning Japanese literature, you can choose from: Kojiki (Japanese myths), Nihon Shoki (the historical chronicles), the Tale of Genji and some other works of literature.
Another sphere to choose term paper topics from is painting. Painting is also one of the most ancient and refined kinds of Japanese culture. The core point in Japanese painting takes nature as the bearer of the divine basis. One of term paper topics within this field can be yamato-e – a genre of painting that deals with illustrations for the literature works.

If you need more up-to-date term paper topics, you can choose anime and manga – Japanese animation that is famous all over the world. If you choose this term paper topic, you can study some special genres of manga and anime for adult.

I am sure that the culture of Japan will offer you a lot of term paper topics once you start investigating it. You just need to make sure that the term paper topic you choose allows you to find enough materials for disclosing it.
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