Research Paper on “Amsterdam” by Ian McEwan

Research Paper on “Amsterdam” by Ian McEwan
Research Paper on “Amsterdam” by Ian McEwan
“Amsterdam” by I. McEwan is known as his best novel. If you decide to write a research paper on “Amsterdam”, you may be sure that it will be very interesting to perform. To succeed in writing research papers on “Amsterdam”, you should, first of all, read the novel. Naturally, it may sound rather boring to read the complete book, but still, you need to be aware of all the details in order to write a successful research paper. So, do not even think of reading just a short summary of the book.

In research papers on “Amsterdam” you may touch upon the following aspects:
- What is, to your mind, the tone of the novel? Consider it in your research paper on “Amsterdam”. Some investigators think that it is ironic, some – humorous, some – menacing. What is your opinion on this issue?
- Analyze the relationships between Clive Linley and Vernon Halliday in your research paper on “Amsterdam”. Do you think they change in the course of narration? At what key points?
- Try to define and present the author’s message in your research paper. “Amsterdam” is a rather short novel and the greater part of it is devoted to the description of Clive’s creative process. What are the reasons for it?
- There was one prescient statement that Vernon felt he was nothing and lonely without people. Discuss this statement in your research paper on “Amsterdam”.
- Speculate about the role of humor in the novel in your research paper on “Amsterdam”. For example, consider the sub-editor, who could not spell.
- Do you think that friendship can be equal? During the whole novel Clive and Vernon think that Clive has invested more to their friendship than Vernon has. What their friendship was about? Express your point of view in your research paper on “Amsterdam”.

These are some of the topics you may consider in research papers on “Amsterdam”. Naturally, you need to present some facts from the author’s biography. Still, do not go too far into details. Hope you enjoy working on your research paper on “Amsterdam”
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